Charlie Hanna

Charlie Hanna has an unusually diverse overview of the construction industry. En route to earning his Civil Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, he served a four year apprenticeship to become a Journeyman Bricklayer. Although he has been a contractor and a VP of an international architectural engineering company, most of his experience has been for the benefit of the owner of a project, rather than the professional providing the service. As a consultant for many homeowners, world class companies and the State of New Jersey’s affordable housing, advice was provided to save both time and money. This information is now available for the reader of this book.

Comments about Charlie Hanna and this book:

"I am still working on some home improvement projects ...
Possible (3) houses in the Oct - Nov time frame.
Your book has been a god send for me."

John Kapfererj,  Design & Construction Consultant
    Sunday, Aug 11, 2002

"This book is the single best book I've seen about planning in more than 40 years."
William J H Foster, a professional business book reviewer who is writing
an article about the book for the Caribbean Business Monthly.

"But overall Charles, it was an inspiration to have met you. I wish you the best with your book and with all your future endeavors. Awaiting your appearance on national TV. I can see it coming for you, and I’m not just saying that. You definitely have a message that has to be heard.”
Mr. Daniel Jay McShane (Author/Film maker).

“Often the owner feels at the mercy of professionals and contractors. Owners feel they write checks every month and don’t know what’s going on. Charlie has articulated a means by which an owner can get control.”
Tom Fellig, a Hackensack, NJ, attorney specializing in construction law who handles cases that involve unhappy homeowners, subcontractors and other parties.

"Hanna involves homeowners in the process, the best way for them to get what they want."
Kurt Reuss, President of, the largest contractor listing and evaluating service on the Internet.

"I have had the privilege and honor to read an outstanding book written by Charles Hanna, Jr., called 'How To Manage The Design & Construction Of Your Own Home ... '
I have been a Senior Project Project Manager for over 12 years. I had learned many different Project Management Methodologies. After reading this book, I have applied the CPM (Critical Path Management) Methodology to my current projects. The CPM is an outstanding way to handle and manage projects, reducing costs, and reducing timelines by at least half. This methodology was a blessing in my life and wish I knew of this sooner. I thank Charles everyday for enhancing my knowledge and making my job easier."

Diane Callis, Senior Project Manager

“... illustrated the need for the Owner to maintain control over the entire project including the Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers.”
Marvin Eisner, Executive Vice President of Arrow Electronics, Inc.

“... utilizing state-of-the-art methodology and unique construction procedures.”
Norman Blumenthal, Vice President Facilities Planning for Revlon

“Smoothly written, has style, clarity, and good organization from general to specific, etc.”
Stephen Artof, author of Events and Observations

“I want that book!”
Rebecca Levitt, author of Secrets & Lies... A Marriage Manual

“Excellent idea & really needed!!”
Ms. Basia Conroy, building contractor family, workshop leader of “5 Easy Steps to the Heart of Creativity,” and author of The Higher Self Diet

“Seems as if this book fills a gap in knowledge for anyone involved with such endeavors. Contains information I’ve never considered before. Will definitely help ‘common folks’ who can easily incur unnecessary expense of their time and money if they don’t avail themselves of this information.”
Victoria Steele, Playwright, Permanent Solution

“Excellent information. Nothing omitted.
Great saving”

Norma Creary, Poet.

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